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Young adults who have left the Catholic Church stopped identifying as Catholics at a median age of 13, long before leaving home.

For every 1 person who joins the Catholic Church 6 are leaving and most become unaffiliated with any Christian faith.

The number of teens who claim to be atheist doubles the number of atheist adults.


At Sacred Heart, we believe relationships are the key to helping our youth develop a strong faith that can withstand an increasingly anti-Christian culture, and to bring back the youth who have wandered away. Through discussion, independent and guided prayer, service, the sacraments, and participation in a community of Catholic mentors and peers, our youth are led into a deeper relationship with God, themselves, and the world.

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“I like this youth group because it’s chill enough that it’s not too overwhelming and I am able to relax and be myself. I love attending the movie nights and I enjoy all the games we play. Coming to youth group has really helped me think more deeply about my faith and about myself and the things I do. It has helped me to make better decisions and also helped me think better”

- High School Student

“My favorite part in youth group is when you give the presentation. It helped me learn more about why I am Catholic and I want to stay Catholic”

- Middle School Student

“I really enjoy it and it’s helped me a lot with my faith. I think that we should spread the word about it more in the church because I know there are so many people that would find it as great as I do”

- High School Student



Youth group offers your child a community of like-minded Catholic mentors and peers to hangout with. They get to have fun in an atmosphere promoting the principles you want them to have.


We help children deepen their faith by giving them the opportunity to live it out. Through guided prayer, exposure to the Sacraments, questions, discussions,  and the chance to form Catholic-centered relationships, your child's faith will blossom.
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Run by young adults from the parish, our goal is to make faith relevant to your child's everyday life. We'll help them see Catholicism in their favorite movies and books, discuss the hot-topic issues in our society, and give them practical skills for navigating a secular world.
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Sacred Heart Youth Ministry is devoted to the service of others. Whether it's a food or supply drive, visiting the elderly, or helping out around the parish,  your child will have the chance to put their faith in action!
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Our ministry team is made up of faith-filled young adults from the Oxford Area. Each minister is devoted to living their life for Christ, practicing their faith on a daily basis through prayer and reception of the sacraments, and has a special passion for working with youth. Please say hello next time you see us at Mass or a parish function! 

Clare Sceski

Coordinator of Youth Ministry

Hi! I am a writer, speaker, educator, adoration enthusiast, and Sacred Heart's Coordinator of Youth Ministry! I am a Villanova University grad, and I've been teaching and working with kids for as long as I can remember. In my free time, I like to read, watch movies (everything from The Dark Knight to the Disney Princess movies), and practice videography. I am so excited to meet you (or see you again!) at our next youth group event! 


Joe O'Reilly

Youth Minister

I’m Joe, a youth minister here at Sacred Heart. I grew up in Massachusetts and attended a youth group my whole life. Recently, I decided to become a youth minister here at Sacred Heart and it has been a fruitful decision. I really enjoy mentoring and supporting our youth, especially in their journey to draw closer to the Lord. I have a beautiful wife and 3 children who keep us very busy. In my free time I also coach youth hockey and the sport has always been a big part of my life. One of my favorite Bible verses is Romans 12:2. Looking forward to a great year! 


Maggie Sceski

Youth Minister

I'm a youth minister by day and a pediatric nurse by night. I like saying rosaries on my hikes and gardening. I am also the owner of our youth group mascot, Tano! 



Email Clare Sceski at

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